Cashflow modelling

Do you know if your lifestyle can be maintained in later life?

Key questions to ask yourself

  • Will I outlive my money or is my cash going to run out first?
  • How much income are my pensions and other savings going to produce?
  • Can my lifestyle be maintained once I stop work?
  • How is my partner going to be affected if I die first?

Do you know how much your pension and savings will produce?

Unfortunately, many people have no real idea of how much money they will require to support their lifestyle in retirement and whether their wealth will be sufficient.

We will help to provide an estimate of your needs for both income and lump sums in retirement.  Our review will also identify where you might expect money to come from in the future. We can then use modelling tools to create a view of your financial future and explore the various ‘what if’ scenarios.

Inevitably, the model will not be wholly accurate but it does give you a starting point upon which to plan and inform your financial decisions. Your position and needs will change over the years and we can return to and update your financial plan as time goes by.

This process of cashflow modelling is also sometimes referred to as cashflow planning or lifestyle forecasting. The video gives you a brief introduction below, if you would like to see how this can work for you book a consultation now


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