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Making the most of your pension

The level of retirement income your pension will produce is partly determined by how much is paid in. However, the growth of the fund and the charges you pay will also have a big effect on your retirement income. Unfortunately, too many people hold their money in pensions that are not performing or provide poor value for money.

All too often people are in too risky investments as they approach retirement and find that they are prevented from using modern flexible retirement options as their pensions only provide an annuity option. We can ensure your pension fund is invested well without unnecessary risk and gives you access to the full range of retirement choices.

Is my pension invested ethically?

If you have ESG concerns we can help you ensure that your pension is invested in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

How much money will I need when I stop work?

Many people have no idea as to how much income they can expect in retirement from their pensions and other income sources. We can use cashflow modelling to give you insight as to how much income you are likely to need in retirement and whether your lifestyle is likely to be sustainable.

Pensions Freedom – Flexible Drawdown allowing you to draw your pension as you wish

Modern pension legislation also gives you much more control and choice around how your pension is drawn, thanks to options such as pension drawdown. However, your pension contract also needs to have the right functionality to take advantage of the full options. Seeing as many decisions you make cannot be reversed, getting good advice is essential to ensure a good outcome. You can find out more about making the right choices at retirement or for real depth request a copy of our flexible retirement guide (see below).

Are your pensions working hard for you?

Your pension investments need to be appropriate to your retirement goals and attitude towards taking risk. We will review the performance of your pensions to ensure that the investments are working hard for you. If changes need to be made we will identify the best investment options to maximise the potential growth of your pension pot, while reducing any unnecessary risk.

We will carefully review your arrangements and if we believe a simpler, modern solution is in your interests we will make recommendations. As independent financial advisers (IFAs) we consider options from the whole market and will make an unbiased, appropriate suggestion for you.

Value for money, expert advice

Your retirement deserves expert advice and you will be guided by a highly experienced Chartered Financial Planner.

Our charges are transparent and fair, see details of our services and fees to know exactly what you are paying upfront for both our initial advice and ongoing support.

We support you now and in the future

Getting the most from your pensions is an ongoing process and will require continued guidance. We will monitor your portfolio regularly and recommend changes to the investments as required. Your circumstances will also develop and our ongoing support will ensure that your pension arrangements keep up to speed with your evolving circumstances and retirement plans.