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Initial contact and discussion: free of charge

Most new clients start the advice process with a phone call. We love to hear from people so rest assured, you will not be charged for our time.

Initial consultation: free of charge

If we think we can help, you will usually be offered a more in-depth initial consultation to discuss your advice needs. Again, you will not pay anything for our time and are not obliged to proceed further.

Fee for retirement planning and investment review and setting up of any new arrangements: £2,500 including review of up to 4 existing plans. Further £400 for each additional plan reviewed.

If you decide that you wish to proceed you will be provided with full details of the services we will provide and the costs of our services. Our initial advice fees are usually fixed at £2,500 per person or couple irrespective of the amount invested, including a review of up to 4 existing plans. Each additional plan reviewed is an extra £400. If your needs require a different arrangement you will be advised upfront. You will not incur any fees until you have told us to proceed.

If you decide that you wish for us to work together we will typically provide for you:

  • A full consultation to consider your current situation and objectives
  • The opportunity to create a financial plan using cashflow modelling
  • A risk profiling exercise to ensure that your investments are not exposing you to unnecessary risk
  • A review and summary of your existing pensions and investments
  • A briefing document summarising what you currently have and giving recommendations to improve your position
  • A meeting to give you the opportunity to discuss and review our proposals
  • Once you are happy we will make the necessary changes to your portfolio and set up any new plans
  • We will send you a report detailing our recommendations

Fee for ongoing management services: 1% per annum for the first £600,000 of assets under management. A reduced percentage charge above this.

There are many variables to consider when managing a portfolio, including your changing circumstances, investment conditions and the performance of investment managers.

Things don’t stand still and your portfolio will need regular monitoring and adjustment. Our annual fee covers the costs of our time spent in the ongoing management of your investment and pension portfolios. We never take commission for investment or retirement planning advice and do not take any additional fee when your investments are changed or switched.

Similarly, our ongoing fee also includes the costs of our time in providing the advice that will keep you on track towards your goals. We will be happy to review your financial plan and provide advice to make the best of your pension and ISA allowances each year. We love to keep in contact with our clients and you will not usually be charged for the costs of telephone calls, consultations or meetings.

If you decide that you do not wish for us to continue to work together you can cancel our ongoing services at any time without any penalty.

How do I pay the ongoing management fees?

We charge 1% each year of the total funds we manage on your behalf. If we manage £100,000, then you pay £1,000 each year and the fee is deducted from your investment pot. Our fee is only taken from investments that we manage. For example, we are happy to provide information on the best bank rates but as we do not manage this element of your wealth you would not pay any management fees.

Doing it this way allows our business to be viable and ensures that the progress of our practice is directly linked to our success in growing your wealth.

We can also make paying fees tax-friendly if they (or even part of them) are taken from your pension. This is because the fees will be paid from an account that has enjoyed tax relief.

What is not included within these fees?

Generally, the following things are not included in these fees and can be discussed separately:

  • We do not provide advice on transfers from final salary/defined benefit pensions. If you require advice on final salary/defined benefit pensions we can introduce you to a specialist firm that can help you.
  • Trust-based investment advice. The level of work varies greatly in different situations. We will provide you with a personal quote depending on your circumstances.
  • Any insurance recommendations. In most instances the costs of our advice are covered in the premiums you pay. However, we are happy to charge you directly if that is what you would prefer.