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What are your pension and savings invested in?

However, many of these same people would be shocked to find that their pensions, ISAs and other investments invest in businesses that fail basic environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. Investment and pension funds typically invest in shares and the reality is that many of the world’s largest companies engage in one or more activity that fails common ESG benchmarks. If you do not have an ethically screened portfolio now it is almost certain that you will be invested in businesses that do not meet basic ethical standards.

Maintain your profits and values

ESG investment funds are still intended to make a profit and will invest in businesses that are expected to make money. However, the companies that they hold will need to satisfy ESG standards and strict ethical and environmental scrutiny before your money is invested in them.

The good news is that your wallet need not suffer on account of your moral scruples – many ESG funds have made more money than their conventionally invested peers. There are sound reasons for these positive returns. Many non-sustainable industries are increasingly deemed unacceptable and their long-term future looks poor and are best avoided by investors. By contrast, funds that are conscious of sustainability will be active in profitable growth sectors such as waste management, alternative energy etc and are looking to make a positive impact.

How can Roxboro help?

Whether you have money in pensions, ISAs or other investments we can assist you to create a portfolio to achieve your financial objectives whilst ensuring that your ESG concerns are met and you can rest easy at night. We will conduct a thorough review of your current pensions and investments and if they are not appropriate we will help you move your money to ESG conscious alternatives.

You can rely on three decades of experience

ESG investment is grabbing headlines now but we have been helping people invest in a way that satisfies their ethical views since 1990. If you would like to find out how ethical your investments are or have taken the decision to align your investments with your principles contact us now.