Graham & Sue’s story

How we helped Graham and Sue invest in an ethical manner

They were both in their sixties and retirement was on the horizon although this was likely to be a gradual process as Graham was a self-employed writer whilst Sue enjoyed her work and did not wish to stop working entirely. We helped them consider the right retirement choices for them.

Ethical And Socially Responsible Investment

They had already made some practical steps to invest their money in line with their principles and had moved their cash savings to an ethically guided bank. They sought our guidance to ensure that their pensions and ISAs could meet their income needs as their retirement progressed whilst being invested in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Time was spent to ensure that we had a firm understanding of Graham and Sue’s future financial needs and we used cashflow modelling to estimate how much income and capital  they were likely to need to support themselves in the future.

We also worked with them to gain a good grasp of the ESG concerns that were most important to them and the level of investment risk that they were comfortable with. Unsurprisingly, most of their pensions and ISAs were not invested with any concern for ESG factors. We consolidated their pensions and ISAs on to a modern platform that provided the flexible retirement options that they sought. The platform also offered access to all of the leading ESG funds and we worked with them to create a well spread portfolio of funds that was in line with their risk profile and ESG concerns.

We continue to work with them to ensure that their retirement plans are on track and to ensure that their investments continue to make money without contradicting their principles.

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