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Investing effectively for your later years

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Making the most of your savings

We can advise you on the best way to save and set money aside for the future.

‘Should I use a pension or an ISA?’

‘How much should I save each month’

‘Should I save in my employer’s pension or set up my own plan?’

These are common questions and we can help you make the right choices for you.

Bringing order to old pensions

Perhaps you already have pensions from old jobs? If so, there’s the likelihood that they may not be closely managed or offer you the flexible retirement options available today. We can look at the options to get them in order and working more effectively for you. Click here to learn about bringing order to my pensions.

Making the most of tax allowances

We will also look at the efficiency of your savings strategy to make sure that you are making the most of your tax allowances. You can pay too much into pensions and we will help you avoid the pitfalls so that you do not fall foul of the rules and incur tax penalties. By reviewing your position and exploring other tax-efficient strategies such as ISAs, VCTs or EIS, we will help you avoid such issues.

Keeping your retirement on track

Good retirement planning doesn’t stop with our initial recommendations. Your pension portfolio will need to be managed and tended to ensure your wealth continues to grow. Likewise, your circumstances and time of life change – as do pension and tax rules. Our ongoing advice ensures that your retirement savings don’t ever stop working – even when you eventually do.

Pensions freedom

Although there are other ways to save pensions remain attractive as they bring tax advantages and the introduction of Flexible Drawdown means that the days when you had to buy an annuity are gone. You now have freedom around what you do with your pension and how you receive income.

But with increasing freedom comes more choice. Getting the most from your retirement savings calls for good planning and staying informed as your options and your needs evolve. This is why the right guidance can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle. You can find out more information at ‘making the right choices at retirement’ or why not download a copy of our retirement options guide


Request Our Pension Contribution Guide

Our pension contribution guide gives insight into pension contributions and saving for your retirement.
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