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How does the advice process actually work and will it work for me?

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We take time to understand your needs

Whether you wish to plan your retirement or are seeking more general investment advice it is vital that we understand what you want from your money. We will take time to ensure that we understand your financial objectives and have a good grasp of your current position. If we can help, we will explain what we can do for you and confirm how we charge for our services.

Once you are ready to instruct us to go forward we will explore your attitude to risk to ensure your investments are suitable for you. We will also take a close look at your current assets – whether that’s pensions, ISAs or any other type of investment.

Bringing sense to your pensions and investments

When we know what you have and what you need we can make our recommendations. In many instances it will be in your interests to consolidate old pensions and investments on to a modern platform that will give you investment freedom, security and simplicity of administration.

Aligning your finances with your beliefs

Your money will be closely managed to ensure that it is working hard for you whilst avoiding unnecessary risk and we will help identify suitable investment partners. If you have ethical considerations as to how your money is invested these will be taken into account.

Making the best of your tax position

Making the most of the available tax privileges can really increase the return on your wealth without exposing you to any investment risk. We will ensure that you are aware of the tax savings available to you.

Is my financial future secure?

Most of us want to be assured that or lifestyle can be maintained once work has stopped. We can use cashflow modelling to create a financial plan to see if your finances are on track for the future and identify any changes that needs to be made.

Working with you now and in the future

The world does not stand still and we will continue to manage your portfolio to take account of changing conditions and make sure your strategy is still effective. Naturally your position will also change and we will stay in contact to make any adjustments to your planning that may be needed.

Request Our Pension Contribution Guide

Our pension contribution guide gives insight into pension contributions and saving for your retirement.
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