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Protecting you and your business from the financial effects of death or ill health

The death or ill health of a key person is one of the most common reasons for business failure and protecting the business from the worst is crucial.

Perhaps you need to protect the interests of shareholders and directors in case one of you dies or becomes seriously ill? If a key person dies the business may need cash to allow it to repay debt, rebuild and stabilise.

If one of you dies the family of the person may want cash whilst the surviving business partners may wish to retain control of the business   – we can advise on strategies to protect you, your family and your business.

Relevant Life Cover

It is surprising that most directors still pay for life assurance from their personal taxed income rather than let the business pay the costs and claim Corporation Tax relief on premiums – if you run a business and are still paying for life cover personally you should discuss relevant life cover.

Our independent financial advice can help you create the right package to protect your loved ones and access the most competitive providers.

Pensions as part of your tax strategy

As a business owner, you will want to draw money from your business without paying unnecessary tax.

Pension payments made by your company will usually attract Corporation Tax relief and can help you build up a personal tax protected fund for when work stops. If you run your own business you can use a personal pension or a SSAS (Small Self- Administered Scheme) or SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) may come into your thinking. We can help you decide upon the best option for you.


We have helped a range of small businesses meet their auto-enrolment obligations and choose a pension provider that will dovetail in with their payroll software.  We are here to guide you through any complexity and help you make the right choice for your firm.

Roxboro has been providing bespoke, unbiased advice to businesses for many years now, so whether you are a director needing guidance on insurance or want to put together an attractive employee benefits package that meets the obligations of auto-enrolment we would love to hear from you.