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What do you want from your money?

Perhaps you already have some investments but are unsure as to whether they are suitable for you or working hard. Alternatively, you may have cash and realise that leaving it all in the bank is not likely to be the best answer.

Creating a good investment portfolio is about much more than growing a pot of money. You will want the potential for investment growth whilst keeping your money secure. Many factors can impact how your portfolio performs – from the health of the global economy, through to your tax position and changes in the law. Good investment advice can help you make sense of your options and help you avoid the common investment pitfalls.

Can my finances maintain my lifestyle?

First, we will sit down to understand your current needs and discuss what could change further down the road. We will also take a close look at your current assets – whether that’s ISAs, pensions, property, or any other type of investment – to get the full picture of your position. We can use cashflow modelling to give you insight as to the cost of your lifestyle and whether this is likely to be sustainable over the long term from what you have.

For example, you may likely be looking for immediate income from your investments but are unsure as to how your long term finances will be affected. None of us can be sure how long we will be around for. Hence, careful ongoing management is crucial to maintaining an ongoing income stream. Good financial planning means striking that balance between growing and preserving your wealth, while receiving the money you need.

Making the most of ISA, pension and other tax advantages

Tax can have a big effect on how well your portfolio does. The overall growth of your wealth will be dependent upon identifying the best investments for your needs and holding them in the best way to make the most of any tax benefits. We can help you decide upon the correct mix of ISAs, pensions and other investments to maximise tax savings.

Expert, independent financial advice at fair cost

We look carefully at what you currently have and if changes need to be made we will make recommendations. As independent financial advisers (IFAs) we consider options from the whole market and will make an unbiased, appropriate suggestion for you.

We are transparent and clear about what we charge for our services. See details of our services and fees to know exactly what you are paying upfront for both our initial advice and ongoing support.

Do you have ethical investment (ESG) concerns?

Many people wish to ensure that their investments are in tune with their beliefs. We have been helping people make ethical investment choices for over 30 years.

Supporting you now and in the future

Making the most of your wealth requires continuous assessment of both your position and your options. We will manage your investments and pensions to make sure your strategy is suitable for your changing needs and takes advantage of any tax breaks.